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What is COVID Convalescent Plasma (CCP)?

Plasma is the clear, straw-colored liquid portion of blood that remains after red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other cellular components are removed. Convalescent means recovering from an illness. Convalescent Plasma is collected from patients who have recovered from COVID-19. Patients that have recovered from COVID-19 infection have developed antibodies in their blood against the virus. The convalescent plasma removed from a recovered patient can then be given to another patient to help fight the disease.

How can my plasma help other patients?

While COVID-19 has no proven treatment, plasma donated by those who have recovered (called convalescent plasma) may help patients fighting COVID-19. This is because your body has developed antibodies against the virus. CCP is requested by a physician and transfused to assist in the recovery of those gravely ill with COVID-19. Your donation can help as many as 3-4 people fight this virus!

Am I eligible to donate COVID convalescent plasma?

Eligible donors must have prior diagnosis of COVID-19 documented by a laboratory test and complete resolution of all COVID-19 symptoms at least 14 days prior to donation.

I think I am eligible, what do I do next?

Email: to express interest. We help make the process easy for you. Our friendly staff will guide you.

How old do I have to be to give convalescent plasma?

You must be at least sixteen years old to give blood. Sixteen-year-olds must present signed permission from a parent/guardian at each donation.

Can I donate if I have some medical condtions?

You may donate blood if you have medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, or diabetes (even if you are insulin dependent). You must meet blood donation criteria, including passing the mini-physical that includes blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and a check of your iron level.

Can I donate if I take medications?

Most medications do not interfere with blood donation. Please know the name(s) of your medication(s) and why you are taking them when you go to donate.

What is the process for donating plasma?

Plasma is donated through a process called apheresis. Your blood is collected and processed in real time to separate the plasma and return the rest of the blood components (red blood cells and platelets) back to you. The entire process, including registration and recovering in the canteen area for 15 minutes post donation takesapproximately 75 minutes. Donors can give every 28 days.

When I donate plasma do I lose all my antibodies that help my own immunity?

Much like regular blood and plasma donation, only some of the circulating antibodies are collected from COVID convalescent plasma (CCP) donation. The vast majority of cells which make antibodies are maintained by the donor. There is no clinical evidence to support an adverse impact on immunocompetence in blood donors.