Dr. Qamar Arfeen

Qamar U. Arfeen


Personal Profile

Dr. Arfeen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Harbor Healthcare System, a highly successful healthcare management company, overseeing companies in Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, and California. The key to this phenomenal success is ongoing, active involvement in the development and operations of all of Harbor’s managed healthcare entities, along with its reputation for service excellence and compassionate care as a result of innovation and advanced technology.

Board Certified in Internal, Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine, Dr. Arfeen has spent many years examining the business side of medical clinics and hospitals, and has applied that experience to create a prominent, effective healthcare network. He has assembled an acclaimed group of physicians to redefine the fundamentals of hospice and home health care. As a creative entrepreneur in the healthcare field, he has successfully organized several care facilities with synergy to create a winning continuum of care for all involved.

With a philosophy of dedication and teamwork, Dr. Arfeen considers listening to be a key to success at all levels of the organization, along with promoting solid co-worker and patient relations. Harbor is building a team to create the provision of services within our communities which guide our patients to a higher quality of life no matter what their diagnosis is.

Dr Arfeen believes in treating each patient as a family member. This is the mission at Harbor, and it reiterates Harbor’s core values of compassion, integrity, and excellence for every person served.

Harbor Hospice was founded in 2005 by Qamar U. Arfeen MD, FCCP with a goal of providing outstanding care to patients and offering the community a better understanding of hospice care.

Harbor Hospice is dedicated to providing care and comfort to a terminally ill patient and their family. They provide the highest quality of care possible by employing a team of healthcare professionals to administer comfort and supportive care to individuals.

Harbor Hospice strives to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of patients and family members who share the emotional trauma of a life-limiting illness. Harbor Hospice is committed to educate the community and increase awareness of the hospice concept of care among medical professionals, lay persons, clergy and those in need of a compassionate approach of care.

Harbor Hospice admits patients without regard for race, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, disability, sex or sexual preference. The admission criteria does not deny admission or service to people with communicable diseases including, but not limited to HIV, MRSA, and Hepatitis B.

Harbor Hospice will provide services to the terminally ill in their home, wherever home may be. There are times when caring for a loved one at home is simply not possible. When symptoms cannot be managed at home, or when families are having difficulty coping with an in-home death, Harbor Hospice's inpatient facility will provide care in a warm, homelike setting.

Dr. Arfeen’s philosophy is to treat each patient as if they’re your own family member.

Diagnostic Group Integrated Healthcare System offers all the major components of primary care with eight convenient locations throughout Southeast Texas. Founded by Dr. Qamar Arfeen, Diagnostic Group has become the fastest growing physician practice in the area.

In today's ever changing healthcare industry, communication is very critical to patient continuity of care. Diagnostic Group's Call Center completes the communication circle between the patient, doctor and doctor's offices. Our call center is a full-service center that can answer questions related to appointments, referrals, nurse triage and the Eastex Physician Organization. Patients can call and make appointments with any of our providers that will fit into your schedule.